Processing M31 in PixInsight / by Jeff Tropeano

My recent image of M31 was a real processing chore.  I'm still getting a lot of color muddle (you can see it clearly in the M32 companion in my M31 image), and I feel like I'm losing a lot of detail in my low signal areas.  In this M31 image, I should be presenting more detail at the outer edge of the galaxy, like this amazing image by Redditor /u/Le_Baron.  He's done an amazing job capturing detail, and has a great rig.  The detail he can acquire through all of that milky light pollution is incredible.

In my image, I tried to follow the steps outlined by /u/PixInsightFTW in the YouTube video below.  Thanks for PixInsightFTW for publishing such a helpful tutorial!  And thanks to the community at /r/astrophotography!

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